Antwerp Fancy Color Diamonds makes certain the authenticity of any Fancy Color Diamond purchased is verified

When buying any cut and polished diamond worldwide, an essential part of the buying process is to ensure that it is a certified diamond verified from a commonly known worldwide laboratory and registered in their database, thus confirming its authenticity. Many reputable gemological laboratories worldwide carry out grading, certification, evaluation, and identification of diamonds.

The largest gemological laboratory, research and learning institute is the GIA (Gemological Institute of America). Other prominent gemmological facilities with standards similar to the GIA include HRD, Gubelin, IGI, AGS and others. GIA colored diamond reports describe the color origin and color grade for natural colored diamonds. The certification process ensures that the documents match the diamond’s specific characteristics. These will consist of 4 main well-known features commonly known as 4 C’s cut, color, clarity and carat weight, and a plotted diagram showing the measurements of the diamond. In addition, the GIA Report will bear a unique serial number that is laser inscribed on your diamond, forever linking it to that report.

Pink Diamonds from the Argyle Mine: Gem Identification & Authenticity Document

Pink Diamonds from the Argyle Pink Diamond Mine use a Gem Identification & Authenticity Document report issued directly from the mine, delivering a guarantee on the chain of custody from the mine to the point of purchase.

In addition, each diamond over eight points (0.08 carats) bears a unique lot number engraved on the girdle, again forever linking it to the physical diamond for conclusive identification.

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