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If you’re lucky enough to find a Red diamond, is about as lucky enough to win the lottery twice over. Red Diamonds of all colored diamonds are the rarest of them all. These unbelievably ultra rare diamonds are the most sought after worldwide, extremely hard to come by. So rare GIA records show that over 30 years from 1957 to 1987 there was no mention of a GIA lab report issued for a diamond with “red” as the only descriptive term.

Most Red diamonds have originated from the Argyle mine in Australia, producing some of the world’s most beautiful Pink and Blue diamonds; however, Red Diamonds can come from mines in Brazil, Russia, and India.

Red Diamonds vs. Color Diamonds

The most common factor among all color fancy color diamonds is that they all possess color, unlike colorless diamonds, which have no color. However, other than this aspect, every color diamond has its characteristics as it owes its unique color to separate causes. Additionally, due to every color category, they have different values. Typically color diamonds can be found in larger sizes, whereas as scarce rare Red diamonds are usually smaller when found. Like many other color diamonds, Fancy Red diamonds come in one pure color or secondary hues, including Purplish, Brownish, and Orangy. While other colors come in several intensity levels, Red diamonds come in one intensity level alone: Fancy Red.

Cause of the Red Color

Trace elements and impurities are known to cause color in color diamonds. However, like to Pink diamonds, red diamonds are somewhat of a geological mystery and still not completely clear to science as to what causes the determining color of pink or red.

A pure red diamond is almost impossible to find, Red diamond with a secondary hue, such as Brownish Red or Purplish Red, are somewhat more attainable. Some diamonds appear pure red but are fancy deep or dark pinks. Only a handful of what are considered red diamonds are pure natural red. Due to the rarity of these stones, their prices are often relatively high. Red diamonds are so rare there is little known about them.

Red Diamond – The rarest one

Red diamonds are the rarest ones in the world and they are vey requested by collectors. The offer is very restricted and soon it will be sold out when the Argyle’s mine will be closed in Australia. Less than 20 ct Fancy Red, produced in this mine, were certified in the last 33 years. Since the prices are increasing year after year, people are trying to buy one.

Famous Diamonds

The Moussaief Red was discovered by a farmer in the mid-‘90s in Brazil. It is a brilliant triangle-shaped cut diamond (ruby red), internally perfect, which weighs 5.11 carats. It is the biggest red diamond in the world and its estimated value was 8 million dollars in 2002.

3 Main Factors

The three main factors to better understand the color of the fancy color diamonds and the value differences among the single stones: hue, saturation and tone.

  • Hue: The main color of the diamond.
  • Saturation: How strong or weak the color is.
  • Tone:How bright or dark the color is.

Other Fancy Color Diamonds:

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