Antwerp Fancy Color Diamonds Provides State of the Art security Storage Service for Its clients

Antwerp Fancy Color Diamonds partners with Brinks and other International Storage Vaults to deliver state-of-the-art security service for our clients’ providing discretion and high security for their valuable investment-grade diamonds. For instance, the vault we use in Belgium is the country’s most prominent private safe deposit box facility. In addition, the vaulting company offers security boxes in numerous different countries. The facilities have been purpose-built to suit the needs of clients storing high-value hard assets, with unique electronic and physical security measures and round-the-clock security monitoring.

Your Private Vault

For your security and convenience, Antwerp Fancy Color Diamonds will securely transfer your investment-grade diamonds directly to your own private safety deposit vault in whichever country you reside. In addition, we can hold your diamonds in our safety security box until you visit the vault, sign for it, and transfer them to your safety deposit box. We can also arrange custodial held services in our security box if you choose not to collect in person.


Antwerp Fancy Color Diamonds can provide your unique Investment Grade Diamonds with a custom insurance policy underwritten by Lloyds of London for the selected value whilst holding them in the storage facility.

Tax Free Vault Storage & Diamond Trading

Antwerp Fancy Color Diamonds offers a unique opportunity for diamond investors and enthusiasts by providing a secure and tax-efficient storage solution in the Malca Amit Zurich FREEPORT ZONE VAULTING FACILTY. Clients can purchase diamonds tax-free and store them under their name with full title and ownership, ensuring a transparent and personalized ownership experience. The MALCA AMIT FREEPORT Zone Vault allows for tax-free transactions when buying and selling diamonds, making it an attractive option for both buying and selling within the FREEPORT. Clients have the flexibility to remove their diamonds, though VAT becomes applicable in such cases. This setup provides a seamless and advantageous way to engage in tax-free diamond transactions within the confines of the Zurich TAX FREE FREEPORT ZONE.

Antwerp Fancy Color Diamonds were very personable and helpful, lovely to do business with.

Christiaan Von Strucker Amsterdam

I have felt the process to be transparent and Antwerp Fancy Color Diamonds have always been there to assist me with any questions that may arise.

- Phillip Brown London

Very professional and helpful throughout the whole process.

- Carlos Rafan Madrid

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