Discreet Wealth A Private & Easily Transportable International Currency

Whether planning your retirement or looking to pass on to your benefactors, diamonds can be known as ‘Discreet wealth’, a private legal way of direct discreet transfer of wealth. A hoard of fancy color diamonds can be transferred and moved from generation to generation.

Diamonds are known for their impenetrable form of concentrated wealth. The size to value ratio makes them the densest store of value out of all-natural resources and other assets; you can hold millions of dollars of diamonds in your hand or pocket, making it a private and easily transportable form of wealth and international currency.

Throughout history, one of the main reasons individuals purchased diamonds was that it was known as an easy form of transportable wealth, as being the best and most accessible way of discreetly transferring and moving wealth worldwide. In terms of privacy, most governments do not require the ownership of fancy colored diamonds to be disclosed to any government authority as they are considered personal property. Diamond certificates are always in bearer form – there are no names on the certs. There are no registration requirements for colored diamonds.

In other words, coloured diamonds remain the most discreet, convenient, and concentrated store of value in the world.

Very professional and helpful throughout the whole process.

- Carlos Rafan Madrid

Antwerp Fancy Color Diamonds were very personable and helpful, lovely to do business with.

Christiaan Von Strucker Amsterdam

I have felt the process to be transparent and Antwerp Fancy Color Diamonds have always been there to assist me with any questions that may arise.

- Phillip Brown London

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