Welcome to Antwerp Fancy Color Diamonds’ Diamond Eduction Center

Antwerp Fancy Color Diamonds, are enthusiastic about Fancy Color Investment Diamond education, unravelling the illusion that buying Fancy Color Diamonds for Investment is a challenging investment choice. The aim is to give Fancy Color Investment Diamond diamond buyers education tools for a transparent approach that entrusts potential and first-time Fancy Color Diamonds, buyers, to clearly understand Fancy Color Diamonds as a hard asset class. We have produced a range of educational content through our Diamond Education Center, developed to serve all investment diamond buyers with in-depth and easy to understand information on the Fancy Color Investment Diamonds market.

Why Invest?

Historic Performance

As an alternative Investment, Fancy Color Diamonds have outperformed other asset classes over the last 10 years, with an incredible growth of more than 11.2% per year on certain investment grade diamonds.

Supply & Demand

With the closure of the largest Pink Diamond Mine, Argyle, supplying 90% of the world’s market for Fancy Color Pink Diamonds and what with global geopolitical tensions, individuals are searching for alternative investments; As a result, an ever-increasing demand and lack of supply, prices for Fancy Color Diamonds continue to increase exponentially.


Buying Fancy Color Diamonds as a diversification tactic can be an excellent way to preserve one’s wealth and maintain a liquid transportable hard asset, offering a low correlation of insulation from traditional financial market risks.

How it works

Making buying Investment grade fancy color diamonds easy

We do all the hard work for you, handling every step of the way, Searching and sourcing available diamonds in the global supply chain and presenting you the options. Then, upon your decision to purchase your fancy color diamonds and settle your account, we will provide you with an independent third party verified valuation, shipping your diamonds directly to you or your selected storage facility. And whilst you hold your diamonds, we will provide you with independent annualised valuations until you decide to sell through us or your chosen avenue.

What to buy

Finding the best diamond for you

Sourcing, searching and finding the best diamond for you has different aspects such budget, duration of investment and the investment vehicle you chose to invest with. Colored diamonds have different value factors compared to regular clear diamonds and each color and size has it’s own performance history.

Diamond Grading & Value

How is the value of a diamond determined?

With Fancy colored diamonds the value is determined by the rarity and beauty of the color. We use the GIA grading systems or with Arglye Pink Diamonds , we will use the Arglye Grading System when assessing diamonds sourced by Antwerp Fancy Color Diamonds.

Market Information

There are many factors driving market influence

The Fancy colored diamond market is driven by the basic economics of supply and demand. Diamonds sourced by Antwerp Fancy Color Diamonds are sourced with companies that adhere to the ethically sourced diamonds under the Kimberley Process of Conflict free diamonds The Kimberley Process, regulates 99% of the world’s rough diamond supply.

Antwerp Fancy Color Diamonds Eduction centre, hopes to provide relevant information about the diamond market and including the determining characteristics that determine price, with particular focus on what fancy color diamonds so rare.

I have felt the process to be transparent and Antwerp Fancy Color Diamonds have always been there to assist me with any questions that may arise.

- Phillip Brown London

Antwerp Fancy Color Diamonds were very personable and helpful, lovely to do business with.

Christiaan Von Strucker Amsterdam

Very professional and helpful throughout the whole process.

- Carlos Rafan Madrid

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