Making the Purchase of Fancy Color Investments Diamonds Easy

Antwerp Fancy Color Diamonds makes it easy for our clients to ascertain if buying an investment-grade diamond is right for them. From this point, our client will learn the sourcing and identification strategy fast, easy, effective way, including the purchase, storage and selling aspects, giving a complete solution to buying and owning Investment grade diamonds.

Opening an account with Antwerp Fancy Color Diamonds is 100% free –with no ongoing fees to use our service. Our Easy-to-use services allow access into the world of the fancy color investment-grade diamond market. In addition, you will receive continuous market education, presentations of available diamonds upon your request: regular consultations with a wide range of other beneficial services.

Upon your request to start the search and selection process, as your diamond dealer, we will search within our deep domain network to source, procure and select the best available investment-grade diamonds within your budgetary requirement.

Your Investment Grade Diamond Advisor will provide you with the selected diamond, including specifications, image(s), relevant certification, and historical performance analysis.

We work to ensure you understand the Investment Grade Diamond Presentation, and once you confirm, we will complete the procurement process.

Every Fancy Color Investment grade procured through ourselves is directly sent to our independent third-party verification assessor in Antwerp, producing an independent verification and a valuation report.

Antwerp Fancy Color Diamonds offers each client one year of complimentary storage with a high-security safe deposit facility in Antwerp or your home location. As an additional service, we can also arrange to have your Investment grade diamond insured.

Options are available for clients wanting to attend in-person to open their safety deposit box with our secure storage partners. In addition, in some cases of convenience, you may authorise Antwerp Fancy Color Diamonds to store the diamond in your box on your behalf for no additional cost.

You may also choose to take physical delivery of the diamond for your reasons, collecting your diamond in person. Alternatively, we can arrange to courier it to you securely.

As your dealer and through our connections and clientele, we will find the best source to market to sell all or part of any diamonds you have purchased through us.

Antwerp Fancy Color Diamonds are a leading Diamond Dealer providing the best of the best investment diamonds, servicing clients worldwide. We pride ourselves on transparency and honesty, delivering a fast and easy to use service to buy and sell a variety of certified investment grade quality diamonds at all price points. We hope we can be of assistance.

I have felt the process to be transparent and Antwerp Fancy Color Diamonds have always been there to assist me with any questions that may arise.

- Phillip Brown London

Very professional and helpful throughout the whole process.

- Carlos Rafan Madrid

Antwerp Fancy Color Diamonds were very personable and helpful, lovely to do business with.

Christiaan Von Strucker Amsterdam

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